Baby Monitor Unboxing and First Impression : iFamCare Helmet

Hi Mamas!

I’ve decided to share the baby monitor I chose! There are SO many products on the market right now. I mean, SO. MANY! It just becomes overwhelming when trying to select a product. Not just the monitor but EVERY SINGLE BABY ITEM. I thought this was going to be the easy part!

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There are so many brands! So many models, so many editions, so many versions. There are things I never even thought I needed. How did people do this back in the day without all this stuff?!

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Before making a purchase, I decided to do my research. Naturally.

Why do I need a baby monitor?

Well, for obvious reasons. I can’t physically be in the baby’s room 24/7 (although I have a strong hunch I won’t put him down), but I need some way to know when he’s crying when I’m not around. I also need to know if everything in his room is ok.

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Basically, I need to know he’s ok when I’m not physically right next to him.

Some of the features of a regular security camera can work for a baby monitor, however, because they weren’t specifically designed to be a ‘baby monitor’ some features are a bit different.

And let’s be real, baby monitors have come A LONG WAY since I was a baby. It was audio only before, and not very good audio I might add,whereas now, there’s video, temperature and movement monitoring, two way talk, YOU NAME IT! So the dilemma was,

What do I want in a baby monitor?

  1. Good camera quality – your girl don’t want no fuzzy ish.
  2. Good audio – I need to know when my LO is crying
  3. Sturdy hardware
  4. Able to be mounted on the wall
  5. Something with decent memory in the event of needing a playback, (not a whole lot of memory because I highly doubt I’d be looking at hours of footage)
  6. Something that can have timelapses of events or take snapshots
  7. Something that can detect and monitor movement
  8. I can speak through it to soothe baba from a distance
  9. Able to move the camera remotely
  10. Air sensors are a plus
  11. Temperature monitoring, also a plus
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Not much to ask for right?

What are the best baby monitors on the market currently?

According to my research, there were a few recurring names in baby monitors that were deemed ‘best’. I’d just list the names (not the features).

  • Owlet Baby Monitor with smart sock monitoring
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  • Nanit Sleep System
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  • iBaby monitor M6S
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  • Arlo Baby
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  • Infant Optics DXR-8
Image result for infant optics dxr-8 video baby monitor
  • Baby Delight 5″ Video, Movement and Positioning
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  • Philips Avent Baby Monitor
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  • VTech Safe and Sound Expandable HD Video Baby Monitor
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And these were just a few!

I really wanted the Owlet, but ya girl is POOR.

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All of the above cameras had their pros and cons, however, PRICE was a major contributor for me. Let’s be honest. If ya know me, you know when it comes to spending I’m not the most economical person(hence, I’m poor). And obviously I’d want the best for my son. However, let’s be real, how long will we use the camera? Maybe until he’s 3/4?

And doesn’t it make sense to get something that can do ALL of the things the above cameras can do for a quarter of the price? I think YASS. All of the above cameras range from $100 and up.

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Enter the iFamCare Helmet.

I can’t take all the credit for finding this camera. My fiancé was the one who discovered it.

First things first, it’s cute! Different from your standard shape of camera and it’s very boy-ish. I chose the white but it comes in silver, black and gold as well.

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Image result for ifamcare helmet

The camera is sturdy, very heavy duty. Looks like it can take licks. Lol!

The back of the camera has the charging port, a slot of the micro SD card and the status light, which blinks when it’s connecting to the internet and is then green once connected.

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  • 1080 pixel camera
  • Two way talk
  • Night vision
  • Motion and sound sensor with alert
  • 360 degree pan, 70 degree tilt
  • Air quality sensor (environment monitoring to keep track of smoke, formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, ethanol, ammonia, and cigarette smoke in the air)
  • MicroSD card slot for additional storage
  • Can take photos or videos
  • Has a built in laser (not really important for a baby monitor)
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The Set Up

The set up was super easy! Like I mentioned, if I can do it, anyone can. You basically plug the camera to the power supply, wait for the ‘jingle’ sound and download the app.

Once the app is downloaded, you register your product with iFamCare and connect to your WiFi and that’s it! You can begin using the camera immediately.

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The camera quality was LIT and I loved that I can operate it from my phone. The 360 degree feature works! The two way audio works. I haven’t had a chance to try out the other features yet but I will do an updated review when the camera will be getting more use and I can try out all of the features.

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The Interesting Part

This camera was initially retailing for $200 and I was able to snag it during Cyber Monday for $57! If that’s not a bargain, I don’t know what is.

The cameras go for $99.95 on the iFamCare site, however, I’ve seen them for $59.99 on Amazon. Not quite sure why there’s such a steep price difference but here’s the link!

The Con

The biggest con for me is that it works over WiFi which leaves the possibility of someone hacking into the network. I would have rathered getting a monitor with the camera but being able to stream to my phone from anywhere is pretty convenient too. I think I’d use my iPad as the monitor as I rarely use it.

I will update this section, once the camera is in more frequent use and the initial novelty wears off.

As for now, I’m perfectly contented!

Hope this was helpful! Does anyone have any other recommendations on monitors they’ve used or would like to try? Let me know!


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