About Me


Confesh-sesh #101: I have no idea what I’m doing and my hairline is receding


Welcome to my site bad bishes…

Guess your curiosity about all this confesh-sesh ish brought you here and I’m ecstatic! Hope you stay.

You’ve probably never heard of me and that’s because I try my hardest to keep a low profile and keep to myself, but that shit is way overrated. Time for my voice to be heard.


I’m the oldest of 3 girls and I live with my parents (Joy! No bills.) and sisters. We have a dog… actually we have 3 and we have birds, a parrot, a hamster (who died because my dog ate it, RIP), fishes (which died because they were suicidal and jumped out of the tank… yeah imagine our horror waking up to a bunch of dead fish on the floor) and squirrels (they died mysteriously). So yeah, basically a fucking zoo. The real animals in this house though are definitely my sisters but more on them later on.

I love looking at sunsets and taking long walks on the beach…Oops! Wrong info. That was for my Tinder account.

Seriously though, I started this site because it has always been a dream of mine and I just finally grew the balls to do it. Putting myself out there terrifies me to the core.

Those of you on my Snapchat know that’s where Confesh-sesh started. Mainly out of idleness. And if you noticed, the mascot for my site is a little pink elephant because that’s my fave animal DUH!

I’ve decided to adopt the 3 R’s for my site. No, not reduce, reuse and recycle. Although, listen kids… GLOBAL WARMING AND SHIT. MY 3 R’s are my Rantings, Recipes and Reviews. It’s a really rando site and I just hope I can provide some entertainment and laughs for you guys.

If you bishes like to laugh at people and revel in their misery, I promise you this site is for you after hearing about the shitshow that is my life. You know what they say, misery loves company.

And if you guys are anything like me, HUNGRY ALL THE EFFING TIME, I got some kickass recipes and some old ass family recipes with twists too.

Yuh know meh… AH LOVE MAKEUP! So best believe imma be talking some shit about that too. I’d share some of my tips, tricks and advice. Although, doh expect it to be too tippy or tricky. I LOVE shopping too, the reason I’m broke AF. I’d review some sites, outfits and trusted places for some amazing deals..


AND OF COURSE my beautiful ladies (and few gents that actually read this, thanks) imma talk to you about how to become a bad bish and adopt my middle finger in the air policy! Stay tuned!

DISCLAIMER : This ain’t yo momma’s kinda site.


Disclaimer to my disclaimer : I cuss like a sailor…Sorry ma and pa if you ever read anything on this site.