Nine Months Sober

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Hey mamas!

So now that the initial shock and excitement of finding out you’re pregnant is way over and you’ve had some time for the news to sink in, comes the “OH MY GOD! This is really happening moment.”

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The ‘holy fucking shit’ phase as I like to call it. In this phase hormones begin to run rampant like wild savage beasts, emotions fly high (I mean anyone, AND everyone becomes a target – sorry random person I snapped at on the corridor, it’s not personal I swear!), pants become too tight (and not in a sexy way), you throw up like a drunk sorority girl at her first party AND CUE THE CRAVINGS! Why was I suddenly wanting fried chicken with a side of dirt and sprinkled with green eggs and ham?!

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Don’t get me started on the boob pain. In the holy fucking shit phase, it felt like a bus crashed into me and only hit my boobs! I could not even soap them without screeching in pain. Oh and the fatigue! As I mentioned before, I do have a case of ‘dropsy’ but I turned into a downright narcoleptic with this child! Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, and it still was NOT enough! #ImTyaddddd

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The mood swings came hot and heavy, have you ever seen someone go from ‘little miss sunshine’ to ‘serial killer’ in 0.5 seconds? It’s hella possible! #HelloTedBundy

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As if these symptoms weren’t terrible enough, scary thoughts begin to rear their ugly head. The thought monster I call it.

Am I ready for this? Would I be able to take care of a child? Am I going to be a good mom? Do I need to pee again? How am I going to balance career and baby? How am I going to make ends meet? Definitely have to pee again.

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Confusion, anxiety, nerves, fear, excitement, love, anticipation… Just a few emotions to summarize what that evil thought monster did. On the bright side, at least you’re getting a liver cleanse. #NoMoreDoubleFistingDranks #ForNineMonthsAtLeast

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Newsflash though! IT’S PERFECTLY NORMAL! Pregnancy is THE biggest change and chapter in a woman’s life. It’s huge! (And you’re going to get huge). No one goes in feeling 100% sure about anything, even those that planned their pregnancy. It’s scary. So many uncertainties, so many new things and SO MANY BODILY CHANGES!

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It’s ok to be scared, it’s ok to question yourself, it’s ok to be confused. Always remember though, don’t be too hard on yourself because little one (LO) feels EVERYTHING we feel! And you’re not crazy to talk to your belly before there’s even a bump! In fact, make it a habit!

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Word on the street is, I have some kind of medical degree *scratches head* So I’ve decided to use the little knowledge I have and my own experiences to create a mini series of what to expect and maybe help some other mamas. (NOT a specialist so always consult with YOUR obstetrician if necessary). O & G actually turned out to be my favorite rotation and I was MIND BLOWN at how little Trinidadian women know about pregnancy. I told my colleagues since then that I was going to do a docuseries about red flags and educating the public about WHEN TO GO TO THE ER. I see this as the opportunity to do so.

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Stay tuned!